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  • Using Virtual Tours as a Property Manager

    A property manager has a long list of responsibilities. Besides making sure that all available rentable areas are filled, whether it’s residential or commercial, a property manager handles leases, complaints and emergencies while also collecting rent. They also handle outgoing expenses, make sure that the property is well kept and presentable and supervise all other employees.

    With this long list of responsibilities, sometimes the last thing that a property manager has time to do is show off spaces or market their available units nonstop for weeks to one party at a time, until someone decides to rent them. But the longer a rentable space stays empty, the more money is being lost.

    So what’s the answer? Virtual tour rentals to a group of prospective clients! Imagine how much easier it would be to show off a rental area without scheduling a dozen appointments with the same amount of interested renters. There’s always the chance of them not showing up, which equals wasted time and money.

    But when you use a service like IeHop to create a 360-degree real-time tour for a property manager to use, you’re suddenly back in control. Here is a quick list of benefits regarding virtual tours for property managers.

    Less Empty Space

    Obviously, one of the biggest and best benefits of property virtual tours is that you’ll have less empty space and any space that is empty won’t be empty for nearly as long. That’s because it’s so much easier to get a potential renter interested in a space when they can see it in real-time.

    Seeing storage space or upgrades is always better than reading about them. When you provide a visual to go along with a great description, it becomes easier for a renter to see themselves or their business in the space.

    Reach Those Who Wouldn’t Have Reached Out Themselves

    Sometimes people just don’t know what’s good for them. If you limited your rental ads to just print, you might be missing out on plenty of great opportunities. For example, if a business was looking for a new warehouse, they might have turned yours down just because they didn’t like the street that it was on or they thought the price was too high.

    But when you provide them with a visual tour of the warehouse, the issues that they thought were a problem suddenly aren’t anymore. Of course, this will only work if your rental space is truly superb, but this will serve as motivation to get your space ready for a virtual tour.

    Appear More Professional and Competent

    Rentals often come down to price. But another large factor that goes through a renter’s mind is whether or not the management will be able to provide them with a smooth experience.

    When their first impression of your company involves a virtual tour, they’ll instantly feel more comfortable with the idea of signing a lease with you. You’ll appear as an expert in your industry and miles ahead of the competition.

    If you’ve had rental space open for too long, consider using IeHop to put together a real-time virtual tour experience that renters just can’t say no to.



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