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    The term “eHop” in IeHop stands for “electronic hopping”—the act of visiting places electronically, in real-time, when you can’t be there in person.

    The need for “electronic hopping” in the modern world is undeniable, thanks to the steady advancement of technology and the ever-increasing pace of our lives.

    IeHop is at the forefront of this revolution in streaming virtual travel.

    And it all came about from my extensive, personal travels around the globe.

    It was on a trip back from Colombia. That was when I truly realized how many people in the world weren’t fortunate enough to travel. Chunks of the population would never be able to see the countless amazing things this planet had to offer. I became driven. I wanted to remedy this.

    Thus, in 2014, IeHop was born. And so was the ability for people to learn how to facilitate e-travel and incorporate it seamlessly into their day-to-day lives, from their living rooms.

    In April of 2014, IeHop demos were completed, and I began to stream sights and hotels in Dubai back to friends in Los Angeles. Making use of the technology, we were able to exchange culture and information on a whole new level.  Which meant that anybody could. It was now possible to experience the wonders of the worlds, exotic animals, far-flung terrains and iconic vistas as they exist in the moment, and distant events as they happen. Foreign cultures would become familiar. The far reaches of earth would become accessible from a couch cushion. Adventures would become shared.   

    From there, IeHop naturally expanded into the realm of social events. Being a performing musician for weddings, birthday parties & social celebrations, it became clear to me that everything from birthdays to weddings to holiday celebrations to graduations to vacation getaways could be transmitted. Anyone, anywhere could experience the most intimate occasions with loved ones, no matter how many miles laid between them.

    Music, Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Language or other Instructors can register on IeHop, create a profile with a list of classes and rates and teach students who are not just limited to the local areas.

    The concept of IeHop then evolved even further when, as a rental property owner, I saw how difficult it was for potential owners & tenants to make offers without seeing the property in full.

    IeHop became the perfect solution.

    And not only when it came to showcasing real estate, but organizing the logistics of property exchange for both sides (e.g. talking to management companies, discussing repairs with a contractor, etc.).

    These benefits inevitably applied to a wide range of businesses, all wanting to broadcast their premises, promote their products, increase their brand awareness and, ultimately, boost their sales. We’re talking eGuides™, tour operators, travel agencies, restaurants, catering halls, hotels, resorts, universities, senior citizen communities, and much more. Even churches, mosques and synagogues wanting to spread their message to believers the world over could do so with IeHop. It truly was a universal tool for connecting.

    You still might be thinking: hey, isn’t there already Skype, Google Talk and Facetime for all this? 

    When you compare what IeHop has to offer in the way of HD video & audio quality, services and benefits, there really is no comparison. FaceTime doesn't function across Apple devices & laptop PCs. They cannot support more than a few people at a time. The list goes on. 

    IeHop is superior. It offers a scope of experience and freedom to explore that simply cannot be matched by your run-of-the-mill live video streaming.

    Becoming a part of IeHop doesn’t just mean at-home global adventuring (although that’s pretty awesome in itself). It offers you and your business the opportunity to have an effective online presence—by scheduling tours, growing a user base, earning reviews and gaining revenue through streaming services.

    Businesses can have the clients click on the "Request a Real-time Tour" button to request live video streaming services for events, products or classes. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Register or login using Facebook, Goggle + or Twitter, and become an eHopper or a streamer today.

    The spirit of adventure is within you.


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